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In many ways, Devin Westbrook is the typical atypical artist.  Early on his creativity was evident to his family.  Devin was a visual artist. Like many high schoolers, Devin did his experimental meandering. And yet Devin’s observable artistic gift would not ultimately draw him into a vocation in the visual arts. His heart, the part that just emerged freely and behind the scenes seemed to enjoy singing. 

Not until his participation in a talent showcase at a creative arts camp did his family truly recognize the depth of his vocal chops. It was after they heard him perform in a musical that things began to change.  

Like many creatives, it took some soul searching and experimentation to leave one path and start on another. Devin grew up hearing JayZ, OutKast, Tupac, Lauren Hill, Prince, and D’Angelo just to mention a few. But early on it was clear that Devin had caught the creative bug for telling. Growing up in a vibrant musical home allowed Devin to hear all the classics from Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson. But his musical interests went even deeper and broader. Devin remembers, “It was my sheer musical hunger that introduced me to bands and artists like Soundgarden, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Myles Davis, Stax Records, and many others. He goes on to say, “Add to all those influences a solid “Gospel” music experience and I began to recognize my own muse.”  

It was during his senior year at The Un. of Memphis in 2017 that Devin sensed his calling more than ever. That is when he stepped out in faith, left art school, and enrolled at Visible Music College. At Visible in Memphis, he would be introduced to a wide variety of music, musical comrades, and a faculty that paid attention to his gifts and callings.  Devin adds, “I had no idea that fairly soon I would be signed to their label Madison Line Records.” 

It was in this new setting that his gifts began to grow into artistry. While his calling is to reach the masses, Devin also feels very deeply committed to the message of the Gospel and considers himself a disciple first and foremost.  

That sense of calling is all over Devin. Playing in churches, clubs, festivals, and any place that will have him and his band, Devin has had many non-churchgoers come up to him after a concert and share their experience with his music.  

It is that sense of calling that is what he is all about. Devin and band are in the process of recording his first full-length release bringing in some of the music industry’s best players as well as some fellow Visible Music College brothers and sisters who make up his band.